What’s Hot: Last Minute Shopping

What’s Hot: Last Minute Shopping

This week’s podcast production of What’s Hot with Molly, Kelly and Caitlin will provide you with all kinds of gift-giving ideas for the ENTIRE year – not just this holiday season. In this podcast recording, we are proud to bring you 3 experts who are ready to arm you ideas for your last minute holiday shopping.  Gift cards are not the only answer.  Listen in to find out just what they suggest.

First, we got a call from Donna Sebastian of Nordstrom who offered 5 ways in which you can minimize the stress in your holiday shopping.  Calling in from the Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Donna got us all up in a lather with her tips and gift ideas. Listen in for more details, but here’s a short preview:

1. Get up and go! Shop in the AM. Stores are freshly stocked at this time and you have a better chance of finding exactly what you need.

2. Make a list of everyone you are shopping for to help keep you organized.  In this list, be sure to include the name, age, sizes, relationship and 1 adjective that describes the person.  That 1 adjective will help your salesperson to best help you.  This whole idea of an adjective was complete news to the Cooking with Caitlin girls – suddenly the clouds parted, the angels were singing…

3. Don’t do it alone. Nordstrom’s salespeople are more than happy to help you find that perfect gift.  They are well-equipped to help you sort through the racks, skip through the aisles and hold your hand from start to finish.  So, don’t be afraid, just ask.

4. Be decisive.  Don’t be afraid to make a decision.  Nordstrom’s return policy is amazing and your sale is NOT final.  If the gift doesn’t fit, or the person doesn’t like it – he/she can take it back. No problem!

5. Take advantage of ALL of the services that Norstrom has to offer.  Whether it is shoe shining, alterations or the cafe, be sure to get the full Nordstrom experience.  In fact, plan on it!

Then, we heard from Robbie Sheeran of Arhaus. Robbie stressed that the gift doesn’t have to be expensive. And that sentimental gifts are sometimes best.  Consider old pictures and ways in which you can make them new.  Or, pop into Arhaus and let their salespeople help you to pick out the perfect present. In fact, they now offer jewelry that can’t be found elsewhere in the city.

And finally, Todd Ross of Ross General Contractors dropped in to talk tools and electronics. A guy who rehabs houses for a living (and who happens to be Molly’s boyfriend), he is loaded up with tool tips and tricks.  We talked about some of them but for those of you who did not have a pen handy, here are just a few of Todd’s ideas:

Tool Box Basics (perfect stocking stuffers or put a tool box together)
• Hammer
• Flashlight (or 3)
• Wall anchors (get assorted weights)
• Small level (for hanging pictures – if you want to be perfect…)
• Drill bits
• Utility knife
• Socket/ratchet set
• Tape measure
• Adjustable wrench
• 5 in 1 Screwdriver (Phillips and Flat)
• Stud Finder

Complete Painting Kit:
• Angle brush 2 ½”
• Roller and Cover
• Paint Tray
• Plastic/Cloth Tarp
• Spackle
• Caulk
Tip: look for ooops paint at your hardware or paint store. Just because they didn’t work for someone else, doesn’t mean they can’t work for you.

Consider combo sets – complete with a drill, circular saw, flashlight… You don’t need to spend $400-$500 to get a good set.

There’s a ton more where that came from.  Be sure to listen in.

And to close, we rounded out the hour (I know, could there be more time??) with the top 5 recipes most searched for on cookingwithcaitlin.com:
Whole Roasted Chicken, Jalapeno Poppers, Cream of Pumpkin Soup, Stone Fruit Quesadilla and Beer Braised Pork.

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