What’s Hot: Graeter’s Ice Cream and The Cure Starts Now

What’s Hot: Graeter’s Ice Cream and The Cure Starts Now

This was quite a show.

If you are a proud Cincinnati resident, new to the area, or just have a taste for something entertaining, this episode is for you.  With one click of a button, you will get the complete low-down on an iconic brand in Cincinnati – Graeter’s Ice Cream.  We are proud to have had the opportunity to talk with Rich Graeter, President and CEO, and to learn of the company’s history (millions of people owe a huge thank you to Rich’s great-grandmother), just how far Graeter’s has come, and where the company is going (think outside of the tri-state area).  We got to talk about all the deeeelicious flavors, Graeter’s one-of-a-kind process, and the entire inside scoop (no pun intended) about this ice cream.

Then, we had the opportunity to talk with Martha Montgomery and learn all about The Cure Starts Now Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to “curing cancer, one child at a time.”  With a new book soon to be on bookshelves across the nation, and several fundraisers on the horizon, the people at The Cure Starts Now are working tirelessly to help cure cancer.  Be sure to check out their website to learn all of the ways in which you can get involved.  It is an amazing story and a true inspiration. Words cannot do this justice.

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