Two GRAZERS and a PLANNER — Panera Gets It Right

Two GRAZERS and a PLANNER — Panera Gets It Right

“You are organized and thrive from crossing things off your to-do list. Your pantry is always stocked, and you like to establish rough outlines of your weekly meals. Your planning personality ensures that you are rarely caught without healthy options. Just remember to savor special treats, like mom’s freshly baked cookies, every once in a while!”

That’s my eating style as determined by Panera’s Eating Style Quiz. Let it be known that according to the quiz, I am a “Planner”. That’s right, a PLANNER, and don’t you forget it…

Actually, my planning personality reads to me like a horoscope I would love to make true. In fact, I shudder to think of how many items I never cross off my lists. My fantasies are decorated with nothing by stocked pantries, rough outlines, and freshly baked cookies; my real life is often different. How very grateful I am that Panera recognizes my good intentions as having planning tendencies. And how very fun it’s been for all of us to plug our eating truths into the quiz.

Molly and Caitlin both qualify as “Grazers” and they have all sorts of deep thoughts on that label. Read on for those thoughts, and links to their favorite Cooking with Caitlin recipes. Then, take the quiz yourself – it’s awfully fun, and it just may reinforce your personal fantasies as it did my own (heck, it’s inspired me to craft some new lists to make sure I’m always surrounded by healthy options!). Food is so darn fun; play with Panera.

Caitlin the Grazer

Whether it be a clementine, almonds, or something homemade, I always have something to snack on in my purse. I try to keep stuff at hand so when I start craving all the wrong things in my many trips to the grocery, I can nosh on something to fill my belly. My most favorite snack has to be our Homemade Beef Jerky. Besides being chewy, crunchy, meaty, and convenient, it tastes better than store-bought jerky, AND, I make it quite simply with just my oven. (Plus, any leftovers complement a deviled egg — like the one pictured below — just right.)

My name is Caitlin. I am a Grazer, and this is how I graze:

Molly the Grazer

As it turns out, I am a Grazer. I actually think this is true. I do prefer to eat smaller meals throughout the day. When I think about what I do eat when I graze, I am amazed to think about how many of the different foods have been influenced by my friend Caitlin — and the ways that she dresses up everyday ingredients in new and different ways. It was most pleasing to see, as I played the different Panera Eat Smarts games, that my habits land pretty nicely on the healthier side. (The Panera Eat Smarts game asks you deliberate questions throughout the different games that make you give pause and think about how you eat each day.) Here are a few simple recipes that I regularly draw from:

  • Watermelon Salad – This is a perfect mid-morning snack. The photo shows the watermelon in an appetizer form, but I toss it all in a bowl for an easy-access snack.
  • Smoked Turkey Sandwich — Certainly a turkey sandwich is not really anything to write home about. That said, what makes this different is the addition of fresh rosemary to the mayonnaise. It completely transforms an everyday sandwich into a seemingly gourmet lunch. This simple tip will change your entire eating experience.
  • Fresh Pico de Gallo — Especially during the summer, I love to have fresh pico de gallo in the fridge, ready for an easy snack. Paired with a healthier chip, this is the perfect mid-afternoon/just-before-dinner snack.
  • Shirley Temple Float – In the evenings, I love to have just one last little treat before the day is done. This recipe has become a fast favorite (although I have not made homemade grenadine). It is fresh, light, and easy.
  • –written by Kelly, Caitlin, and Molly
    –compiled by Kelly

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