Tour of Chi-Town’s GE Monogram Kitchens

Tour of Chi-Town’s GE Monogram Kitchens

When they said their doors were open to us, we never expected the gracious welcome we received… The fact is, from the moment we entered the GE Monogram Design Center, smack dab in the middle of Downtown Chicago, every single fridge, freezer, oven, and kitchen cabinet door was open to us. We jumped right into a tour of the beautiful kitchens. Thoughtfully designed with all different lifestyles in mind, each space is at once cutting-edge modern and comfortably inviting.

GE Monogram Design Center Entry

So, here begins the tour as we experienced it, one bright and shiny picture at a time. Imagine the three of us — Caitlin, Elyse, and me, Kelly — trying to act calm, cool, and collected as our mouths gaped in awe of the snazzy digs. You’ll be dazzled too, and inspired, no doubt.

Let’s begin with the view. As you can see, the entire city was open to us too. The Design Center is tucked into a ground-floor corner of Merchandise Mart at a perch overlooking the Chicago River. For a trio of Windy City afficionados, this skyline alone is recipe for inspiration.
View from GE Monogram Chicago

These fans struck us as very Jetsons-y, but the red chairs and attached table make for a cozy nook in the middle of all the cooking action.
Fans at GE Monogram

I begged Caitlin to curl herself into this gigantic fridge. We learned of the GE technology that enables you to adjust temperatures quickly and easily, and even differently between drawers. I assured her I’d tweak the temp inside, but she still wouldn’t agree. Seems like a cool party trick to me — food at different temps, of course. (Wink.)
Double Fridge at GE Monogram

These stove-top grates flip to cradle differently-shaped kitchenware like woks. Also, they can be popped into the oven for easy self-cleaning (that’s like flirting with us).
GE Monogram Wok Flip

I call these “double ovens” loosely. Actually, there are two ovens peeking up from the bottom of the pic. Above each of those are “microwaves” that act as ovens and, with GE technology, can bake and roast in record time.
GE Monogram Double Ovens

And here is how my kitchen range looks in my dreams. Clean, crisp, sized just right for my space at home — and, of course, chock full of all sorts of brilliant technology.
GE Monogram Range

Come back tomorrow for more of our whirlwind visit. I’ve got a chocolatey recipe on deck that we passed around warm in the GE Monogram kitchen, plus all sorts of evidence of the everyday magic happening with Monogram. In the meantime, tap into the tweets they’re serving up today @GEMonogram.

–photographed by Caitlin
–compiled by Kelly

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