Top 5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Thanksgiving

Top 5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Thanksgiving

Print this list right now. Stick it in your pocket. Check it off in the next couple days. Take on this one last week before Turkey Day in total confidence knowing that you have the tools to pull it off.

Kitchen Tools for Thanksgiving

  1. Large Roasting Pan. Preferably one with a lid and handles to make it easier to remove from the oven when it is hot. If you don’t have a large enough roasting pan you can use disposable tins, forming foil into a lid, and being very careful when removing it from the oven.
  2. holiday tools - roasting pan

  3. Thermometer. My favorite thermometers can be pushed into the bird’s breast at the beginning of roasting, and they alert you when it has come to temperature. Classic thermometers work well too; just be sure to place the thermometer in the thickest portion of meat (usually in the middle of the breast, near the thigh) each time you check the temperature.
  4. holiday tools thermometer, whisk and roasting pan

  5. Fine Whisk. The ideal tool for gravy-making. A good, fine wire whisk helps to ensure a lump-free roux which translates into a lump-free gravy.
  6. Sharp Carving Knife. The sharper the knife, the easier it will be to carve the turkey. Test the sharpness of your knives by trying to cut a piece of paper you hold in the air. If they are not sharp enough to cut the papter, have them sharpened by a professional. Just make sure you call in advance to allow for enough time before Thanksgiving. (Cooks’Wares — $3 a knife, they need 3 days to do it, they don’t sharpen bread knives.)
  7. Cutting Board (with a lip to catch all of the juices). So that a whole turkey is not flopping around your counter top when you try to carve it, a cutting board big enough to support a large bird is most important. The lip around the edge allows you catch juices and not waste a thing.

holiday tools knife

**All products from Cincinnati’s Cooks’Wares**
Large roaster –Made by Cameron $135
Thermometer — Made by CDN $18.99
Fine 9-inch Whisk — Made by OXO for $8.99
8-in Carving Knife — Made by Wustoff for $99.99
Cutting Board with Lip — Made by Epicurean for $72.99

–list by Caitlin, edits by Kelly, pics by Molly

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