Third Thursday at The Gramercy — August 2012

Third Thursday at The Gramercy — August 2012

It happens at Third Thursday. It’s true. That heaping bowl of crispy and colorful chips is just the kind of taste that happens at Third Thursday. Under the stars, in Downtown Cincinnati. As unexpected and wonderful as opening your gradeschool lunchbox and finding the juicy peach that everyone in the cafeteria wants to trade you, this month Caitlin’s planning a menu designed to dazzle from the first day of school.

We’re taking on “Back-to-School” as the inspiration for the menu because THIS month Third Thursday happens just days after Kroger MyMagazine extras releases their brand spankin’ new app that proudly features Caitlin’s handiwork again. Hot from the grill, Team CWC will serve to you all sorts of clever ideas for kids and families as the school year kicks into high gear. Come hungry for new and fabulous ways to incorporate beet chip-like magic into lunchboxes for the next nine months.

Now, go register. Then make sure you’ve downloaded Kroger’s first free app. And then, mark your calendar for August 10th when the Back-to-School app is unveiled (you’ll be able to find it at the same link).

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What: Cooking with Caitlin’s Third Thursday
When: August 16th from 7pm – 9pm-ish EST
Where: At our summertime digs in Downtown Cincinnati – The Gramercy on Garfield, a Towne Property !! We will be on the gorgeous rooftop deck (check out the pictures at the link) grilling all nine courses. (**When you get there, enter at Garfield Place through the lobby. 135 Garfield Place, 45202, to be exact, between Elm and Garfield.**)
Who: YOU and all of our hungry foodie friends
RSVP: So that we can properly plan for your arrival, please be sure to RSVP by clicking on the Third Thursday you would like to attend, and paying via PayPal.

Menu: Unlike the crusts on their bread, these Crunchy Fish Tacos will be a much easier sell with your family. It’s just one of the recipes Caitlin designed for July’s event. Get yourself giddy as a school kid with a colorful peek at the entire menu from last month.

**Dig into the entire menu as it was served by linking to the Gluten-Free Menu right here.**

Register by clicking on the PayPal link right here:

We are very proud that Francis Ford Coppola Wines provides the delicious wine each month. A perfect complement to Caitlin’s culinary whimsy. Thank you, Francis Ford Coppola Wines.

And we are also quite proud of our digs. Thank you, thank you, Towne Properties for hosting us!

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