Thanksgiving Desserts: Beyond the Pie

Thanksgiving Desserts: Beyond the Pie

Desserts: Beyond the Thanksgiving Pie So you’ve got your menu planned, and your pantry prepped. Now it’s time to think sweet. Surely you’ve got pumpkin pie on the brain, but perhaps this year you’d like to mix up the usual offerings and dazzle your fellow diners…If your heart’s set on pie, listen into Caitlin’s recent exchange with one of Cincinnati’s top pie peddlers. He serves 360 THOUSAND slices of pie each November and knows a thing or two about how to bake each one just right. If you’re looking to wiggle on the menu regulars, however, take a bite out of the good stuff below. I’ve plucked a trio of Caitlin’s tastiest twists for your Thanksgiving pleasure. Any one of them may be the reason tomorrow becomes your favorite day of the year.

So pleased to report I’ll talk to you tomorrow too. Stay tuned for plating, carving, and expert gravy-making techniques.



pumpkin cream

Pumpkin Cream

Rethink traditional pumpkin pie; think outside the crust. Dip this whip into a phyllo cup, a sugar cone, or a homemade Pizzelle trumpet like you see here. You might even make it the middle of a gingerbread whoopie pie. Roll all exposed edges through candied nuts or shards of peanut brittle to make it the ultimate Turkey Day treat.

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pecan brownies

Pecan Pie Brownies

Transform a frozen pie and a boxed mix into an over-the-top taste sensation. Just a couple ingredients and about 30 strokes will have you serving rich and wonderful squares of decadence. Top each one with Chantilly cream and toasted pecans to make sure your name’s at the top of everybody’s Black Friday shopping lists.

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chai tea recipe

Pumpkin Affogato

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that not a single soul can turn down any version of an ice cream sundae, no matter how full his belly is. Scoop up this hot-and-cold sensation for guests of all ages — whether they’re sitting at the kids’ table or not. The chilly kiss of pumpkin and Snuggie-like warmth of Homemade Chai Tea is the comfiest way to wind down the holiday.

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