Special Sweet Treats

Special Sweet Treats

Colorful and inspired as a brand new box of Crayola, here you’ll find a collage of extra-special after-school treats. They’re simple. They’re tasty. And there are five — one for each day of the first week of school. Something sweet to look forward to every afternoon.

Tap into all the good stuff by downloading the new Back-to-School edition of Kroger’s MyMagazine extras app. Treat it like your syllabus for Kitchen Fun 101. It’s completely free and the only homework involved is downright delicious.

This is the page to look for when flipping through the app. In one fell swoop it will satisfy an entire busload of sweet-seekers.

C’mon, get happy! Use these sunshiney smiles like a dress rehearsal for picture day. Perfect this year’s pose while decorating some simple sugar cookies.

When they barrel through the front door after a long day at school, stop the kids in their tracks with these rich and gooey goodies. Even the smartest of your brood will never guess how simple they were to make.

Convince your crew how very cool you are by serving these golden cakes for breakfast. No one needs to know they’re good for you; let them think you’re splurging…

Raise the bar on four-cornered fun. Make every bite healthy with the addition of applesauce, and extra yummy with a handful of chocolate chips.

And finally, give a whole new meaning to “an apple a day…” Surely the original “keeps the doctor away”, but this extra crispy colorful one will calm the craziness that comes with the back-to-school transition. Make the first week super special with any one of these sweet treats.

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