SOUP: #FNIchat 01.07.13

SOUP: #FNIchat 01.07.13

What’s hot and satisfying and so tempting to jump right into? Why, #FNIchat is, of course…but it’s SOUP that we’re after here! Join us, and all of your favorite foodies, for a Twitter event served plentifully and deliciously — and sometimes spicily — in celebration of the new year. We’ll double dip our tastiest tweets into a bowl full of January’s first Monday with a soup-seeking crew of food lovers. Come with your best tips, tricks, recipes, and food memories, and plan to leave with a hot pot full of inspiration.

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bride soup - just 5 easy ingredients

What: #FNIchat (Foodies’ Night In) Twitter party
When: Monday, January 7th, 4-5:30 EST
Where: On Twitter (or through this custom tweetgrid) with hashtag #FNIchat
Topic: SOUP
Who: @cookingwcaitlin, @foodiesnitein, and YOU!!

Spread the Good Word

Pass along the party scoop with the following tweet:

Ladle up creamy, brothy, HOT tweets w/ a #SOUP #FNIchat. (We’re baaack) MONDAY w @cookingwcaitlin @foodiesnitein 4ET:

How Foodies’ Night In Works:.
Late Monday afternoons (4-6pm eastern to be exact) we meet through Twitter. Using the hashtag #FNIchat we greet each other at the virtual door, and get cozy to talk about whatever food-related topic we are featuring that day. Typically the topic will be determined by the weekly sponsor of #FNIchat. We, at Cooking with Caitlin, compile at least ten questions that serve as the framework of the conversation over the two hours of #FNIchat. Then, the hosts throw out each question at pre-determined times throughout #FNIchat. We hope that YOU will join in the fun-filled foodie conversation and share your thoughts, recipes, tips, ask questions…and most certainly make new friends! Can’t wait to *see* you there.

potato leek soup

Party Questions

And HERE are the questions that framed the exchange. Dig in yourself and let us know what you think:

Q1. Most COMFORTable #SOUP to ladle up on a chilly January day? Right-now seasonal warmers? #FNIchat

Q2. Stocks & Broths: Starting points for savory soups? Homemade or canned? What to look for on a label? #FNIchat

Q3. CHICKEN NOODLE #SOUP: Family #recipe? Condensed classics? Style/shape of noodle? #FNIchat

Q4. VEGETABLE #SOUP: Herb adds? Beans to “beef” it up? #Leftover transformations? #FNIchat

Q5. Decadently creamy #soups worth the splurge? Roux, slurry, bouillon bases? Skinny spins? #FNIchat

Q6. To immerse or not to immerse… Go-to blenders (and other #kitchen tools) for velvety #soup? #FNIchat

Q7. Second-Day #Soup? Homemade #recipe that gets better after 24 hours in the fridge? #FNIchat

Q8. Minestrone, Wonton, Tortilla – Ethnic #soup #recipes? Vietnamese Pho & other Asian street food “stews”? #FNIchat

Q9. TOMATO #SOUP: Chunky or smooth? Fresh & ripe or roasted tomato flavors? Creamy stir-ins, crunchy toppers? #FNIchat

Q10. #Sandwich stacks to match hot #soup? Gooiest grilled cheese? Crusty design for dipping? #FNIchat

Q11. Secret tips for doctoring up a premade #soup? Meat/grain adds? Colorful embellishments? #FNIchat

Q12. CHOWDER: #Seafood #recipes? Potato-y turns? Corn-y concoctions? Saltines or oyster crackers? #FNIchat

Q13. Souper Starters: Masterful uses for #SOUP MIXES? Rubs? Dips? Marinades? #FNIchat

Q14. Tricks for entertaining with #soup? Crockpot #recipes? Garnish spreads? Simple serving/special preso? #FNIchat

Q15. In one last sip, line up the letters in your alphabet soup to tell us if you’ll have a CUP, MUG, or BOWL. #FNIchat

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