How We Work

Thank you for your interest. It is with great pride and pleasure that we say we are in service to you.

We know that there are many ways you may have found us, and that for some amount of time you were more than likely a part of our audience first. Thank you for paying attention. And thank you for reaching out. As a member of the Cooking with Caitlin audience, you know that with every video, tweet, post, and pin, we take very seriously the trust we are earning and the relationships we are growing.

Since the first moment Kelly and Molly started cooking with Caitlin in 2007, collectively we have worked tirelessly to encourage intimate engagement among our loyal food community and to seamlessly foster the interests of our favorite brands within that community. Know that, starting now, we will work together with you to meet and exceed your goals and expectations.

From the beginning, we take the time to learn and understand our client’s objectives. In doing so we are not only beginning to orchestrate the optimal plan to move through our many-layered marketing machine, we are, quite frankly, measuring said Cooking with Caitlin machine against client objectives to determine if we are, in fact, the right partner. Once it is clear that our interests are aligned, and that our relationships are of value to the client, we take meaningful action to get the brand before the folks most useful to the client. We outline the ways in which we will measure success and then we jump right in.


In general, using all of the following tools custom-coordinated for fit, we initiate and foster an intimate and ongoing exchange between brands and the real people who are using them, an exchange that promotes loyalty most naturally.

Customized Marketing Channels

  • Custom video-programming for online use
  • Custom-designed social media events and promotions
  • Custom web content showcasing client products and services in original and entertaining ways
  • On-air radio promotion, including client as featured guest or topic as well as custom advertising
  • Event marketing

Strategic Partnership Facilitation

  • Food and housewares blogging community
  • Industry organizations
  • Local and national news media
  • Event venues, food suppliers

Digital Strategy

  • Social analysis, strategy development and implementation
  • Training and education on social best practices
  • Website analysis and strategy development

Contact: / 513.807.6208