Saturday Supper (Made with Barilla Magic)

Saturday Supper (Made with Barilla Magic)

Sure my pantry is speckled with exotic ingredients, and my refrigerator has fresh quail in it, but that doesn’t mean a thing to the everyday mom in me. There’s not a chance my boys would actually eat much of our pantry, and just like most other moms, I am still stumped, very often, on what to serve for dinner…

Our recent #FNIchat partnership with Barilla has gotten my motherly heart pumpin’ again, however. Because my boys are picky eaters and also because they have figured out all of my tricks for sneaking in vegetables, we do not always fulfill that pesky nutritional pyramid. But now, since I’ve discovered Barilla’s tri-color pastas, I have a whole new angle on feeding my family healthfully. I have a new tool in my arsenal – it’s cooked in just 7 minutes, and it’s pasta made with real vegetables. (Dare I label yesterday’s Twitter party as “life-changing”? Oh yes I do.)


So, over the weekend, I put everything to the test: Does Barilla really make life a little easier?

After a quick trip to the grocery store I cleaned my chicken, started a pot of water and got my sauce simmering. I cut the chicken breast into thirds so it would cook faster and yield more, seasoned with salt and pepper, and seared it all in a dry pan (dry, in keeping with the healthy inspiration). Mac, my oldest, emptied the pasta into the boiling water and, sincerely, 7 minutes later, dinner was ready. I tossed the pasta with a little sauce, and topped each bowl off with a little more sauce and a sprinkle of cheese.

For your viewing pleasure, a series of snapshots from our 7 minutes of dinner prep:











Needless to say, we all were a part of the clean plate club. Not only did my boys go to bed with full bellies, but there were minimal dishes to clean which means date night with my husband started a little earlier too. In the end, test completed, I answered my (oh-so scientific query) with a resounding YES! In fact, Barilla has really made my life a lot easier.

–this post was all cooked up by Caitlin herself

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