Sauces and Dressings

Onion-Guinness Gravy

A delicious St. Patrick's Day recipe. We originally served this rich and flavorful gravy as a compliment to Bangers and Mash Fritters, but it would certainly be delicious on top anything from roasted chicken to meatloaf. More on Onion-Guinness Gravy »

Goat Cheese Cream Sauce — Goat Cheese Recipe

This is a very simple goat cheese cream sauce recipe that is delicious served hot or cold. Offer it as a dip for homemade beet chips (as pictured here), a dressing for pasta, or a kicky topping on a hot baked potato. More on Goat Cheese Cream Sauce — Goat Cheese Recipe »

Mustard Green Pesto

Toss this easy pesto recipe into a pound of hot pasta for a bright addition to any meal. Smear it on sandwiches, stir it into scrambled eggs, dress a salad with it. More on Mustard Green Pesto »

Easy Tomato Sauce

This sauce originally was created to be the sweet tomatoey layer in our Bagel Pizza Recipe. It was the perfect fit. More on Easy Tomato Sauce »

Homemade Tartar Sauce

If you are the kind of person who orders extra tartar sauce for everything on your plate -- from the sandwich to the fries -- your ship has just come in. More on Homemade Tartar Sauce »