Sauces and Dressings

Fresh Jalapeno Queso

queso with a kick Never do chip dip or bean dip again.  Instead, turn one of the least gourmet cheeses, Monterey Jack, into a cheese of the month cheese club stand-out with this queso recipe. More on Fresh Jalapeno Queso »

Homemade Remoulade Sauce

a surprisingly versatile sauce I initially created this recipe to top my Old Bay Burgers.  Since I first served those, however, I have worked this sauce into all sorts of recipes.  Of course, it’s delicious on crab cakes and boiled fish.  But you must try it with some fried green tomatoes as well.  Use it as a topper to jazz up any ol’ sandwich too.  You will not be disappointed. More on Homemade Remoulade Sauce »

Orange-Chive Gremolata

Fun version of a classic Gremolata is traditionally served with braised veal shanks, an Italian dish called Ossobuco alla milanese from Milan, Italy. This gremolata recipe is a fun version on the delicious Italian classic. With this super easy recipe you will be able to create your own Italy vacation in your home in just ten minutes. Serve it on top of Seafood Cakes or any fresh fish. More on Orange-Chive Gremolata »

Hot Whiskey Caramel

hot creamy caramel with whiskey I mean really I didn’t think dessert could get any better but with this easy dessert recipe you can turn just about any dessert into a gourmet dessert. Hot Whiskey Caramel is a creamy carmel syrup that is the perfect topping to Egg Nog Panna Cotta, ice cream, brownies,  you name it. So go get your favorite whiskey bottle and get started on this hot caramel dessert topping. More on Hot Whiskey Caramel »

Cinnamon Pineapple Doughnut Glaze

a homemade doughnut glaze Doughnuts are a fun and easy breakfast or dessert dish and now you can turn them into a gourmet food with a fresh cinnamon and pineapple glaze. This fruity glaze is a delicious twist on the traditional glazed doughnut you are used to. Glazing doughnuts can be made fun with this recipe and with my Red Wine Raspberry Doughnut Glaze.  So go to your local Dunkin Doughnut’s or where ever your favorite bakery is and pick up some doughnut holes so you can get started on this wonderful pineapple glaze. More on Cinnamon Pineapple Doughnut Glaze »