Holiday Recipes

Porchetta Recipe

I created this recipe after our Fall 2011 adventure in Italy. To our surprise -- and great pleasure -- porchetta like this was street food More on Porchetta Recipe »

Pumpkin Affogato Recipe

The definition of "affogato" in Italian is literally "drowned," and typically an affogato recipe calls for an espresso-drowning of gelato. This, then, is our spin on the zippy dessert. More on Pumpkin Affogato Recipe »

Leftover Stuffing Balls

a crispy way to take advantage of leftovers I refuse to throw away leftovers. Everything is eaten in our house. It’s from leftovers that these crispy little stuffing balls were born. More on Leftover Stuffing Balls »

Recipe for Roasted Turkey Tenderloin

Consider turning this roasted turkey tenderloin recipe into an appetizer by layering slices of it on top a small cake of Aunt Patty's Stuffing(see image below), topping it with gravy, and finishing each piece with a slice of fresh cranberry. More on Recipe for Roasted Turkey Tenderloin »

Pork Pot Pie Recipe

Feel the warmth of comfort food wrap around you like a Snuggie just muttering the words Pork Pot Pie. Really, does anything sound better? More on Pork Pot Pie Recipe »