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Cinnamon Lamb Chops

Here begins a whole new way to experience lamb chops. Enjoy them throughout the cold-weather months with a warm dusting of cinnamon and other spices. More on Cinnamon Lamb Chops »

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Homemade Blintz Recipe

We always look forward to these on Easter Sunday, but they certainly are delicious on any given Tuesday too. Offer them with a pair of lamb chops More on Homemade Blintz Recipe »

Homemade Beer Bread

Beer bread has always been a favorite of mine. I find myself looking for reasons to incorporate it into a meal. More on Homemade Beer Bread »

Cherry Cordial Cupcakes

Make this yummy coupling of homemade and boxed ingredients your signature cupcake recipe. Use the recipe as inspiration, and make it your own. More on Cherry Cordial Cupcakes »

Figs with Honey

A sweet fresh fig treat. More on Figs with Honey »

How to Make Gravy: Thanksgiving Show-Stopper

Once you realize how very simple gravy is to make -- and taste how very delicious it is -- you will never again have any reason to twist open a jar of shelf-stable gravy. More on How to Make Gravy: Thanksgiving Show-Stopper »