Gourmet Burger Recipes

Stuffed Turkey Burger

Bite into brilliance with this lean, mean sandwich machine. With a killer sauce and surprise of cheese, it drives home juiciness and flavor unheard-of on the lot of turkey burgers. More on Stuffed Turkey Burger »

Gourmet Burger Recipe (will put hair on your chest)

This gourmet burger recipe was such a hit that we were able to bring it back during a filming session (series coming soon).  During this, we taught Cincinnati Red's Pitcher Bronson Arroyo... More on Gourmet Burger Recipe (will put hair on your chest) »

Chowder Burger

Of all the gourmet burger recipes I've done, this Chowder Burger could very well be the heartiest. Packed with flavor and texture, it absolutely will satisfy. More on Chowder Burger »

Apple Cider-Braised Pork Belly

This recipe is a simple and really delicious way to experiment with pork belly. Take advantage of an affordable hunk of meat that soaks up whatever flavors you throw at it. When your confidence is up, play around with the flavors that sound best to you. (Then report back to us with your tasty successes!) More on Apple Cider-Braised Pork Belly »

Red Onion-Apple Slaw

This slaw came together smack dab in the middle of Fall’s apple bounty.  I brought it to the table as the crunch needed to complement the Apple Cider-Braised Pork Belly, but it’s awfully yummy on all sorts of sandwiches and even by itself.  Enjoy it during the Fall and all year long. More on Red Onion-Apple Slaw »