Easy Dessert Recipes

Pumpkin Caramel Bon Bons

Present these snow white gems on top a bed of toasted pie crust. The golden crumbles make a stunning, and delicious, backdrop for the chocolatey bon bons. More on Pumpkin Caramel Bon Bons »

Bolo Rei French Toast

Read on the for the international inspiration behind this simple stuffed French toast. More on Bolo Rei French Toast »

Sweet and Savory Crepes

Food love and kisses to @yngmarriedchic for the light and luscious inspiration you'll find here. More on Sweet and Savory Crepes »

Drunken Pears

A great taste from Great Britain this easy recipe is. Inspired by our foodie friend @coryanneettiene More on Drunken Pears »

Orange-Cardamom Sauce

I originally created this sauce as a compliment to my Sweet Arancini with dark chocolate centers, but it is deee-licious on top of pancakes, warm biscuits, stuffed blintzes, and even duck. More on Orange-Cardamom Sauce »