Drink Recipes

Chicago Hot Dog Canape

Most of the work of this recipe may be done in advance. Make the relish mixture, roast the tomatoes, cut the bread and pickles. More on Chicago Hot Dog Canape »

Maker’s Mark Milkshakes

This is an unexpected, easy, fun grown-up treat that is begging for you to play with it. More on Maker’s Mark Milkshakes »

How to Make Chai Tea

In light of the many cups of warm chai tea I've ordered out and mixed up, it was like a light bulb went off in my brain when I decided I couldn't wait one more second to play with how to make chai tea latte at home. More on How to Make Chai Tea »

Holiday Spiced Bourbon

Raise your glasses for another pour of this extra special cocktail recipe. Clink your glasses in praise of @eatthelove for sharing the inspiration. More on Holiday Spiced Bourbon »

Yoo-Hoo Float: No-Cook Dessert for Kids

Kelly and I are sisters, and I really have only known life with Molly in it. Molly and Kelly met in the picture day line before they started high school. I was there too, at the ripe age of 3. After that, Molly became a part of our family, and a regular on our family vacations. More on Yoo-Hoo Float: No-Cook Dessert for Kids »