Drink Recipes

Maker’s Mark Milkshakes

This is an unexpected, easy, fun grown-up treat that is begging for you to play with it. More on Maker’s Mark Milkshakes »

How to Make Chai Tea

In light of the many cups of warm chai tea I've ordered out and mixed up, it was like a light bulb went off in my brain when I decided I couldn't wait one more second to play with how to make chai tea latte at home. More on How to Make Chai Tea »

Holiday Spiced Bourbon

Raise your glasses for another pour of this extra special cocktail recipe. Clink your glasses in praise of @eatthelove for sharing the inspiration. More on Holiday Spiced Bourbon »

Yoo-Hoo Float: No-Cook Dessert for Kids

Kelly and I are sisters, and I really have only known life with Molly in it. Molly and Kelly met in the picture day line before they started high school. I was there too, at the ripe age of 3. After that, Molly became a part of our family, and a regular on our family vacations. More on Yoo-Hoo Float: No-Cook Dessert for Kids »

Pineapple Soda Recipe

This pineapple soda is a refreshing beverage on its own, or accompanied with some grilled mango shrimp and served as an appetizer. More on Pineapple Soda Recipe »