Drink Recipes

Yoo-Hoo Float: No-Cook Dessert for Kids

Kelly and I are sisters, and I really have only known life with Molly in it. Molly and Kelly met in the picture day line before they started high school. I was there too, at the ripe age of 3. After that, Molly became a part of our family, and a regular on our family vacations. More on Yoo-Hoo Float: No-Cook Dessert for Kids »

Pineapple Soda Recipe

This pineapple soda is a refreshing beverage on its own, or accompanied with some grilled mango shrimp and served as an appetizer. More on Pineapple Soda Recipe »

Homemade Grenadine Recipe

All right, so we created this just to get to flex our culinary muscle a bit. Certainly you can buy grenadine, but... More on Homemade Grenadine Recipe »

Shirley Temple: Caitlin-Style

What little girl doesn't love a Shirley Temple? I know that I did. It was my go-to drink when we went out to dinner as a kid. More on Shirley Temple: Caitlin-Style »

Peach Smoothie

Make a sunshiney summer day even brighter by blending up this yummy treat. It's just one of the recipes Caitlin designed specifically for the Kroger app series recently launched (download it now for free!). More on Peach Smoothie »