Dinner Recipes

Cream of Tomato Soup

grilled cheese’s classic mate Omigoodness! This tomato soup is so delicious, there will be no turning back to the can after one bite. And this Cream of Tomato Soup is so darn easy too—if you can chop into chunks and press “puree” on your food processor, you can get the job done. Serve yummy Cream of Tomato Soup with my Brie and Grape Grilled Cheese or Greek Grilled Cheese, of course. And for a Spring brunch or ladies’ lunch, offer it with Parmesan Tuilles stuffed with Caesar salad and Crepes filled with just about anything savory. More on Cream of Tomato Soup »

Coffee Rubbed Flank Steak

this will get your attention Test your true affinity for coffee with this easy recipe for flank steak. I swear by flank steak for its ease and ability to take on whatever flavor I desire. In this case, coffee is the flavor of the day, and it is big. This steak dinner is completed with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts. More on Coffee Rubbed Flank Steak »

Skyline Pizza

an easy Friday night meal We put Skyline chili on spaghetti noodles so why not on top of a pizza dough as well? This might not sound gourmet but once you try it you will agree that it is one of Caitlin's gourmet pizza recipes. Heading out and leaving the kids with a sitter? This is an easy meal to make – and I bet that they will be so engrossed in the food, they won’t notice you sneaking out the back door. After your kids have eaten every last bite of pizza serve York Peppermint Crunch as the perfect dessert. Skyline Sammies are another great Skyline chili recipe. More on Skyline Pizza »

Cajun Pizza

for people who like their food hot! Someone once asked me to come up with a spicy gourmet pizza recipe that was really easy to make. Hence, my Cajun Pizza. This Cajun Pizza is a great one to add to your regular pizza repertoire, if you ask me. It is amazingly flavorful and a nice surprise. If you like spicy food also try my Cajun Sausage and Onion Bites. I like to serve this with a hearty salad to complete the meal. More on Cajun Pizza »

Cream of Mushroom Soup

mushroom soup that is packed with flavor This cream of mushroom soup is loaded with flavor and is a great start to any meal. I like to serve this soup with a thick, juicy Steak and a fresh salad topped with Creamy Italian Dressing. The mushrooms used add a ton to the heartiness of the soup and you can really taste the difference. More on Cream of Mushroom Soup »