Dinner Recipes

Sausage Stuffed Chicken Pita

I developed this recipe as a way to use up leftover food from my Greek Burgers. It makes a delicious lunch, but also holds up nice for dinner since it’s warm and hearty. Don’t be afraid to drizzle leftover Tzatziki Sauce or Greek salad dressing on top for extra kick. More on Sausage Stuffed Chicken Pita »

Grilled Lamb Chops

the best wow appetizer! To me, lamb chops make for a fabulous presentation, are often overlooked, but are super easy to make. This relatively healthy dish could be served as a main course, but I serve these lamb chops as an appetizer hot off of the grill. The fresh herb and fine red wine marinade is what gets this dish a response that is always favorable – even for those who claim to not like lamb. Give it a shot! Some other appetizers that get responses are Parmesan Shortbread with Mozzarella and Roasted Tomatoes and Baked Prosciutto Cups. More on Grilled Lamb Chops »

Cream Poached Salmon

a creamy buttery take on salmon This Cream Poached Salmon recipe is a no-brainer. With only four ingredients, and almost no work, it just couldn’t be easier. It also makes a beautiful presentation and yummy leftovers that can be used to make Fish Tacos or served on top of Nicoise Salads. Use my Spinach and Garlic Pesto recipe if you have extra on hand. More on Cream Poached Salmon »

Coq au Vin

chicken in wine sauce with vegetables Surely anytime I have the opportunity to say the words “Coq au Vin,” I do, just to sound fancy. But the truth is, all I’m saying is “Rooster in Wine,” and there’s nothing fancy about that. Enjoy this easy recipe for the traditional French red wine-soaked chicken Coq au Vin. It cooks all day and the aromas alone are worth the time. Impress yourself and your friends with this easy chicken dinner. This dish goes great with Nicoise Salad. More on Coq au Vin »

Shrimp Piccata Recipe

fresh shrimp in a lemon-y butter sauce With only 4 ingredients – shrimp, butter, capers and lemon – my fresh shrimp piccata is extremely easy to make. This recipe for shrimp piccata takes almost no time at all, but looks just fancy, that it may have taken you all day. Shrimp piccata is a great summer and spring time appetizer and if you are looking for a shrimp appetizer for fall and winter time try Autumn Smoked Shrimp. More on Shrimp Piccata Recipe »