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sure to impress - but oh-so-easy I have heard many pronunciations for the word Gnocchi (I pronounce it: no-ki). People get intimidated just because of the spelling. But I can assure you that my potato-based recipe for gnocchi is quite tasty, extremely easy, and a great alternative to spaghetti pasta or angel hair pasta. A fun fact: the translation of the word Gnocchi is actually “lump” – so not nearly as tasty sounding in English. Try your Gnocchi tossed in Spinach and garlic pesto. More on Gnocchi »

Flank Steak

How to Cook Flank Steak Flank steak is such a versatile item with so many fun ways to work into a menu. Here are just a few culinary ideas to get you started: More on Flank Steak »

Beer Braised Pork Shoulder

slow cooked to perfection Slow cooked to perfection, this Beer Braised Pork Shoulder is super easy to make and can be made ahead of time. This recipe for a pork shoulder should be added to your easy, go-to dishes. Hand shredded pulled pork has always been one of my favorite meals. North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, St. Louis—I love all the styles and order them wherever I go. This recipe for Beer Braised Pork Shoulder is my stab at the perfect pulled pork. Serve it on a hot pretzel roll with our Homemade BBQ pulled pork sauce and people will think that you just graduated from culinary school! More on Beer Braised Pork Shoulder »

Cuban Burger

Loaded with great fresh citrus flavor (orange, lemon and lime) this Cuban burger is sure to hit the spot. It brings a little bit of the unexpected to your grilling routine. Gourmet burger recipes are the perfect summer family dinner option. The Cuban Sandwch is another great recipe to try for one of your next family dinners. More on Cuban Burger »

Chorizo Burgers

Smoky pork burgers with a little kick. When I am looking to switch it up from the same old hamburger, these Chorizo Burgers do the trick. More on Chorizo Burgers »