Dinner Recipes

The Waffle Fry Burger

This dish is a great gourmet burger to add to the gourmet burger recipes world. More on The Waffle Fry Burger »

The Frenchie Burger

a fresh new burger This gourmet burger recipes is unlike one you will find at your typical burger franchise.  It is topped with a fresh plum and a creamy Parsley Butter spread. The fresh fruit, french brie cheese, and creamy butter combination makes these ground beef burgers complete. After making this good burger you will feel ready to take over the burger world one grill at a time. More on The Frenchie Burger »

Buffalo Burger

a new way to enjoy the hot wing sauce you crave For this easy buffalo hot sauce burger, I have actually included in the helpful hints that this dish is best enjoyed with a cold beer.  So, before you form your first patty, fix yourself a pitcher of Summer Brew. (You can thank me later.)  After the heat from the hot sauce in the gourmet burger recipe cool your mouth off with some Carmel Cream Floats. More on Buffalo Burger »

Mustard Pork Tenderloin

This mustard pork tenderloin recipe is easy.  I mean really, this is definitely among those ridiculously easy pork tenderloin recipes.  With only two ingredients, this simple pork tenderloin recipe yields the most tender pork straight out of the oven.  More on Mustard Pork Tenderloin »

Beer Braised Brats

Beer Braised Brats with Spicy Mustard and Sautéed Onions Braising is one of the many cooking techniques that I learned in culinary school that is now one of my favorites because it is so easy and adds tons of flavor to your dish.  This beer braised brat recipe is a great when serving a crowd, just throw the brats, beer and seasonings in a pot and leave the rest up to the stove. If you enjoyed this recipe be sure to try Beer Braised Pork Shoulder with Homemade BBQ Sauce. More on Beer Braised Brats »