Dinner Recipes

Roasted Chicken with Apple Butter

Delicious and easy - make enough for leftovers! My Whole Roasted Chicken recipe was such a hit – and the online cooking class was heavily watched on YouTube as well – so we decided to add a twist to the dish – add Apple Butter to the recipe!  Cooking roasted chicken seems quite difficult to most people. I am here to tell you that it is not. To me, it is one of the easiest, and most economical of family meals - a really easy chicken recipe. This makes for a delicious Fall entree with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Crunchy Green Beans (see image below) on the side. More on Roasted Chicken with Apple Butter »

Pumpkin Waffle Sandwich

a rich reward for those brave enough to taste Molly calls this “Thanksgiving-in-a-Bite.” Kelly calls it a “Party in Your Mouth.” I call it my solution to a fridge full of leftovers. And everything tastes better on a waffle. Hot Ham and Stilton Waffle Sandwich and Chicken and Waffle Sandwich are two other delicious and easy to make waffle sandwich recipes. More on Pumpkin Waffle Sandwich »

Pizza – Zesty Ricotta

one of your next family favorite gourmet pizza recipes This fresh-tasting pizza has just enough punch to make people think that you worked all day to prepare it. The great news? It only takes about 18 minutes – including cook time. The cheese mixture with the fresh ricotta is packed with flavor, and the brilliant red tomato really elevates the pizza’s presentation. Make a big salad with Creamy Italian Dressing to serve with the pizza for a fast and easy family dinner. More on Pizza – Zesty Ricotta »

Hot Ham and Stilton Waffle Sandwich

who says a sandwich has to be served on bread? Several months ago, I created a Chicken and Waffle sandwich that melted the hearts of many. As the cooler weather is upon us, I decided to twist it up again and create another great waffle sandwich surprise. This sandwich is a great combination of the sweet and savory. And, it is super easy to make. More on Hot Ham and Stilton Waffle Sandwich »

Balsamic Beef Tenderloin

rich and full of flavor I recently served this at a holiday dinner and watched grown adults scrape the platter on which it was passed. They had had plenty, but they didn’t want to leave one morsel behind. Make leftover beef into a sandwich for lunch the next day. Eat it open-face and cold with a slice of mild cheese, or hot on grilled crusty bread with horseradish sauces. Pair this recipe with Asparagus and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. More on Balsamic Beef Tenderloin »