Dinner Recipes

Whole Wheat Pasta Dough Recipe

Whole Wheat Pasta Dough Recipe If garlic and olive oil are running through your veins, this whole wheat spinach pasta just may be for you.  It is the perfect compliment to a crisp salad with fresh veggies, homemade sauce and crusty bread. And, the best part is, this whole wheat pasta dough recipe has been inspired by and for the healthy eater. More on Whole Wheat Pasta Dough Recipe »

Homemade Popovers

Serve these little bites of food-love as an appetizer, afternoon snack, or super special dinner side. Try them hot out of the oven with Oyster Butter melting down, or warm with honey or jam. More on Homemade Popovers »

Chowder Burger

Of all the gourmet burger recipes I've done, this Chowder Burger could very well be the heartiest. Packed with flavor and texture, it absolutely will satisfy. More on Chowder Burger »

Easy Pork Tenderloin: Spicy

This pork tenderloin recipe was inspired by Oriental Wok's Volcano sauce.  This is an extremely easy recipe as there are only two ingredients needed. I am a huge, huge fan of pork More on Easy Pork Tenderloin: Spicy »

Short Rib Recipe

If this doesn’t put the comfort in your dinner, just about nothing will.  Get your belly full on this slow-cooked short ribs recipe.  Serve with my Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Candied Carrots (see image below) for the ultimate meat-and-potatoes kind of meal.  It’s perfect for entertaining guests, and even more special for your family on any given night. More on Short Rib Recipe »