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Sautéed Shallot Crostini with Arugula Oil

Keep easy appetizer designs like this one handy for happy hours throughout the year. Wonderfully fresh and colorful More on Sautéed Shallot Crostini with Arugula Oil »

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Chicken + Broccoli Casserole

Tailor each element of this weeknight casserole to your family’s tastes. Substitute cauliflower, dark greens, or asparagus for the broccoli More on Chicken + Broccoli Casserole »

Homemade Cranberry Pop Tarts

Because they are homemade, no two tarts will look the same. And that's just one of the wonderful things about this easy recipe, More on Homemade Cranberry Pop Tarts »

Holiday Brined Chicken Wings

Infuse holiday happy hours with the sweet and spicy flavors that make you feel all fa-la-la-y. Brine yourself a batch More on Holiday Brined Chicken Wings »

Spicy Spoonbread

Earmark this recipe now and put it right on top your stack of Thanksgiving notes to revisit later. With crunchy Panko and a little kick More on Spicy Spoonbread »

Homemade Biscuits

These started with the same dear aunt who gifted us with the Spinach Supreme and for her we are most thankful. More on Homemade Biscuits »