THE Plan for Thanksgiving Week

THE Plan for Thanksgiving Week

The Thanksgiving Plan for the Week

This is it, people. Here begins THE week for which food-makers, food-eaters, and food-lovers are most grateful. In just 72 hours we will be totally entrenched in all things turkey, setting our tables for thanks… And today is the kickoff to crunch time.

So, I send to you a plan for the week: You’ll find our menu below. Tomorrow I’ll send to you the tips and tools you and your pantry need for cornucopian success. Look for dessert-y alternatives to complement pie on Wednesday. And Thursday, I’ll make sure you’ve got all the gravy, carving, and plating tricks Caitlin’s got up her sleeve. (Assuming the Tryptophan subsides, I’ll send you something yummy on Friday too.)

When I say “our menu”, I mean quite literally that this is the menu on which our own family will be feasting on Thanksgiving:

goetta stuffing recipe

sweet potato dauphinois
(Incredible) Corn Butter
cranberry jam thanksgiving leftovers
spinach supreme recipe
crunchy green beans recipe

The Ultimate Bird

Watch and rewind Caitlin’s video demo, and tackle Thursday’s bird with confidence. You’ll be smitten with the apple-butter perfume that infuses your home. Roasted with a simple, savory fresh herbed-butter, this roasted turkey recipe raises the bar for all future Thanksgivings.


If none of our family’s picks whet your turkey-lovin’ whistle, however, link on over to a whole slew of other Thanksgiving Recipes You MUST Try. Surely you’ll be able to piece together a thanks-worthy spread there.

Talk to you tomorrow, foodie friends. (And I am most thankful to get to do so.)


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