Packing a Punch with @mymagExtras: Foodies’ Night In 08.13.12

Packing a Punch with @mymagExtras: Foodies’ Night In 08.13.12

It’s time, foodie friends. Time for hardworking lunch-goers everywhere to get back to packing. Students and worker bees alike. It’s time to break out the brown bags and look beyond the lunch counter for midday inspiration. So, wrapped in wax paper, and packed lovingly with a note, that’s what we’re prepping to deliver at Monday’s #FNIchat.

Join us at Twitter’s tastiest cafeteria for a power-packed exchange presented by @mymagExtras. Just in time for the launch of their newest app on August 10th, we’ve sharpened a set of food-focused questions as brilliant as a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils. It’s a back-to-school theme with a sophisticated twist. Prepare to be dazzled by colorful and delicious ideas for foodies of all ages, because there’s nothing better than opening that brown bag and just knowing #thatsacoollunch.

What: Foodies’ Night In (#FNIchat) Twitter party
When: Monday, August 13th, 2012, 4-5:30 EST (**note the new ending time**)
Where: On Twitter (or through this custom tweetgrid) with hashtag #FNIchat
Topic: Packing a Punch with @mymagExtras
Who: @cookingwcaitlin, @foodiesnitein, @mymagExtras, @cozifamily, and YOU!!

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Packing a Punch #FNIchat MONDAY 4-5:30 ET: #thatsacoollunch with @cookingwcaitlin @foodiesnitein @mymagExtras.


How Foodies’ Night In Works:

Late Monday afternoons (4-6pm eastern to be exact) we meet through Twitter. Using the hashtag #FNIchat we greet each other at the virtual door, and get cozy to talk about whatever food-related topic we are featuring that day. Typically the topic will be determined by the weekly sponsor of #FNIchat. We, at Cooking with Caitlin, compile at least ten questions that serve as the framework of the conversation over the two hours of #FNIchat. Then, the hosts throw out each question at pre-determined times throughout #FNIchat. We hope that YOU will join in the fun-filled foodie conversation and share your thoughts, recipes, tips, ask questions…and most certainly make new friends! Can’t wait to *see* you there.