Nutella Whipped Cream

Nutella Whipped Cream

chocolatey hazelnut butter cream

I don’t even know when this recipe was introduced.  I am clear, however, that it dances through my dreams almost nightly.  It is so good.  Of course, it makes just about any dessert better.  But, certainly you’ll find that you are looking for ways to work it into your day from breakfast to dinner.

cooking information

  • Yield: 3 Cups
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes

all ingredients

  • 2 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream
  • ½ Cup Nutella or any Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

recipe instruction

1. To a large bowl add your heavy whipping cream.

2. Using hand-held electric beaters at high speed, whip your cream to stiff peaks. (You’ll know they are stiff peaks if you turn off your beaters and the cream maintains its shape after lifting up the beaters.)

3. Once your cream is whipped, gently fold in the Nutella using a spatula. Make sure not to fold in too vigorously, so as not to deflate the cream.

4. After it’s well combined, refrigerate until you serve. Delicious on everything!

cooking tips

  • Make sure you don’t over whip your cream. You know if you do because you will have made butter.
  • If you have ever had fresh homemade whipped cream you know the difference from the canned whipped cream. I love to plan with the flavors to compliment what I’m serving with it. You can add almond flavorings, orange juice, peanut butter, pretty much anything to make a delicious topping.
  • This can be made ahead of time and stored up to a few days before service. Make sure, though, that you make stiff peaks or else it will deflate very quickly.
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