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2014: BRING IT.

  Twirled Peace First Fare On this very first day of this brand spankin' new year, we are tickled to serve to you a platter full of deeelicious wishes. Spicy Mussels and Linguine, baby. After an all-night of celebration, this recipe absolutely is the quickest way for your mouth to enjoy twirled peace and happiness. There's long-life luck boiled into each string of linguine, kicky get-up-and-go in every bit of red pepper, and crisp white wine lingering like midnight's kiss in every inspired bite. So, enjoy more than you may have resolved to do knowing that each mouthful is moving you toward a most fabulous '14. Happy New Year! Start cooking now »  follow on Twitter | friend on Facebook | pin on Pinterest | visit our website   More on 2014: BRING IT. »