Menu from the Grill

Menu from the Grill

With only a grill from which to work, here you will find an unbelievably delicious menu crafted by Caitlin herself. June 2012 Third Thursday just may go down in the record books…

Pineapple juice infused with fresh basil and mint, twisted into a sparkly spritzer with the iSi Twist ‘n Sparkle, and topped with a curl of shrimp hot off the grill.

You better believe that’s pork on a fork! Caitlin par-cooked the tenderloin in advance and finished it on a hot grill. Sliced into two-bite hunks and topped with sweet-and-spicy pickled peaches. Polished with a squeeze of honey from the bear.

Designed with a bloody mary in mind, the yolk filling is decorated with worcestershire sauce and celery seed. Garnished with homemade beef jerky, a tomato-vodka reduction, and a leaf of fresh celery.

Fresh mozzarella grilled cheese made crispy and melty in a sandwich press. Stuffed with a roasted red pepper and fresh fennel, and perfectly sized on a Parker House dinner roll.

Pork ribs in a vinegar-crushed red pepper sauce.

At the risk of speaking hyperbolically, we’ll call this Burger Rapture. Ground beef on a buttery roll with a hunk of fresh tomato and…drumroll please…CORN BUTTER. Do it.


Lemon cupcake soaked in bourbon, topped with fresh mint buttercream, and crowned with bourbon-smoked sugar.

Thoughtfully described by one lucky partier as “the melted top of a Drumstick sundae cone”. Amen.

The grand finale: squares of homemade shortbread with raspberry marshmallow burnt in all the right ways. Ultimately it was finished with a drizzle of white chocolate ganache.

–culinary genius by Caitlin
–artfully snapped photography by Molly
–color commentary by Kelly

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