How to Fake Out Your Family

How to Fake Out Your Family

Here are the Top 10 Ways to Fake Out Your Family, as featured on

What’s Hot with Molly, Kelly and Caitlin.

1. Be organized – set out your food by serving category, the specific utensils you will need; specific food items; major time-saver when your guests arrive or when your kids are actively helping you in the kitchen.

2. Put guests to work – serve pizzas and set out different toppings

Fresh Tomato Pizza

3. Re-purpose leftovers – turn that leftover turkey into a turkey hash, or use those jelly beans in a Rainbow Rice Krispies treat

4. Use simple ingredients only!

5. Make mayonnaise your secret ingredient – add chopped fresh herbs like rosemary, stir in siracha for spice, pulse oil-packed sundried tomatoes with mayo in a food processor.

6. Serve breakfast layered in a pretty glass.  Turn whatever you usually eat into a parfait – yogurt, fresh fruit, jams, granola, and even grits, sausage, and a fried egg.

7. Enjoy dinner on your good china.  Take it out of the boxes it came in, and serve any old Tuesday night dinner on it.  Even pizza tastes better on a pretty plate.

8. Pick up pre-spread unbaked pizza crusts from your favorite pizzeria.  Toss the incriminating boxes, and decorate them yourself.  Or, get Italian bread dough before it is baked from your favorite neighborhood bakery.  Let it come to room temperature on your counter (refrigerate until then), and spread it yourself.  Top, bake, enjoy.

9. Take full advantage of your grocer’s produce department for fruit trays.  Buy the pre-portioned trays of fruit, a bag of sliced apples, and a couple containers of berries.  Rearrange them all on your favorite and fanciest platter, slice one star fruit on top, and make waste of the packaging.

10. For kids specifically, decorate sandwiches that may otherwise be controversial with stripes, zig-zags, and flowers cut from fruit roll-ups.  For picky eaters of all ages, blend veggies in a food processor until smooth and undetectable.  This works for many recipes, but is particularly brilliant in Cream of Asparagus or Gazpacho soups.


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