How to Time the Thanksgiving Spread Just Right

How to Time the Thanksgiving Spread Just Right

Use these three tips to help you get everything (including that gorgeous Goetta Stuffing pictured to the left) on the table at the right time and temperature. On Thanksgiving — and throughout the year.

How to Set the Thanksgiving Spread

  • When creating the menu plan according to oven and stove space. The Turkey will take the majority of the time (before everyone is ready to eat) too. Make sure you choose dishes that only need a quick saute or can be warmed up in the microwave or in a pan.
  • If people offer to help, let them! But make sure you know if they will need any oven space in advance.
  • Turkey needs resting time. All birds need approximately 15-20 minutes resting time, but the bigger the bird the resting time (up to 40 minutes). I recommend cooking all the side dishes through and using the last 30 minutes in the oven to just warm through again on a lower temperature.

–Caitlin’s go-to tips

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