How to Dice an Apple

How to Dice an Apple

How to dice an apple. Just in time for the fall season.

We get to spend a lot of time with chefs. Whether it is in the kitchen or on the radio, I, Molly, am always on a quest to learn something new. Because of this, I tend to ask the most basic of questions (which I am sure sometimes embarrasses Caitlin), and I also try to pay close attention to that which is simply second nature to them.  Today was no different.

The Cooking with Caitlin crew has been working on some new recipes for a client. Today we/Caitlin actually cooked up some of their favorite for taste-testing. In between doing dishes and serving, I decided to snap a few photos to store them away for later.  The following How to Dice an Apple image represents the play-by-play for cutting an apple. As mundane and simple as it may seem to some, I found watching the process to be quite helpful.

Note: I was just snapping photos away, not even sure the chef realized I was even capturing this.



- Molly

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