Holiday Food Tips, Tricks, and Healthy Dessert Ideas

Holiday Food Tips, Tricks, and Healthy Dessert Ideas

Our love for the chefs within the Cooking Light Magazine family continues. We were so excited to get to talk with the Cooking Light crew smack dab in the middle of the holiday season.  In the audio clip below, you will learn just what these pros do to keep their guests happy, make their lives easier during this holiday time, and have one delicious meal after another. And, you can discover new — and healthier — ways to end the meal: healthy dessert tips!  We were delighted to get to discuss ways in which to approach the dessert menu so that we might be completely satisfied, and still feel good about ourselves.

The show kicks off with kitchen living expert Coryanne Ettiene who shares a few lighter ways she keeps her guests and her family happy.

Listen to the radio show now!


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