Grilled Oysters Recipe

Grilled Oysters Recipe

Unexpected foods you can grill: cake, avocados, nuts, bacon, were all mentioned, but it was shellfish that really got my culinary wheels turning…

Every Sunday Kelly, Molly and I come together to record a live radio show called What’s Hot, with Molly, Kelly, and Caitlin on 55KRC (Sundays at 3PM est). We have officially been hosting the show for over 2 years and it has become a much looked forward to weekly ritual.  Some elements are the same every week – for example, Molly is always the first to arrive, and Kelly usually comes screeching in on 2 wheels just before the show starts, and I fall somewhere in the middle.  But, every week is a different conversation. Our show is primarily guest driven and we get to pick the guests.  We have hosted everyone from nationally known authors to our favorite foundations, CEOs to our own Moms.

Of course, the conversation always goes to food at some point during the show.

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have Denise Mickelson from Fine Cooking Magazine talk with us. We got the inside scoop behind every story in the magazine, salivating at every original idea.  It was so interesting to talk with someone behind the scenes as to why an idea or recipe was picked, their own adventures in cooking the dishes – all of our favorite pieces of information.  In other words, what you can’t find in print.

One of the articles in the issue was all about unexpected foods you can grill. Cake, avocados, nuts, bacon, were all mentioned, but it was shellfish that really got my culinary wheels turning.

Being in Ohio, “The Heart of It All”, you never see shellfish predominately showcased, but we still enjoy it. With a Third Thursday looming, I was determined to have grilled shellfish on the menu. I went to the local shop and bought 80 fresh oysters. I took them back to the kitchen and immediately started eyeballing my opponent, there was a lot of work to be done!

Here are tips you need to know before you start grilling your own oysters.

How to Grill Oysters

1. Buy good quality oysters. First, buy your shellfish from a place you trust. Whether you have been recommended to go there or it’s reputable, I wouldn’t risk spending good money on bad product. Secondly, you want to make sure your oysters are still alive. You want to stay away from buying or cooking shellfish that is already open, it means the creatures are already dead. (If the shells are slightly open flick them, if they close up then they are still good.)

2. Clean your oysters. The oysters were covered in muck and little barnacles, I took a hard scrub brush and scrubbed the hell out of them. Of course they won’t look like something in a vacation knick-knack shop, but you’ll know when they are cleaned.

3. Keep your shellfish cold. The store was gracious enough to give me extra ice to keep them alive during the drive. But as soon as you get home place your shellfish in a bowl covered with ice. **You do NOT want to cover your shellfish with plastic wrap, it will kill them**

4. Have a hot grill. Grilling oysters is super easy.  I literally just placed the shellfish on the grill and closed the lid. The meat steams in it’s own shell and opens when it’s ready. Just pay attention so the oysters don’t over-cook.

5. Have an oven mit ready. Once the oyster shells open up you’ll remove them from the grill, the the top shell portion is still on. You will have to hold the oyster in your hand and take a knife to scrap the meat from the shell and remove the top shell with a knife. They are screaming hot! but delicious.

6. Our grilled oyster recipe: We created a bed of Kosher salt for the oysters to remain level but you could also serve them in shot glasses. We sprinkled each oyster with salt, pepper, and lemon plus a tomato cucumber water. (tomato + cucumber pureed in food processor and them strained through a fine mesh sieve) Serve warm!

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