Foods We HEART: A #ValentinesDay #FNIchat 02.11.13

Foods We HEART: A #ValentinesDay #FNIchat 02.11.13

Just in time for the LOVEliest holiday on the calendar, we’ve planned a full-fledged tweetfest around the foods we HEART the most. Join us — and all the food-lovin’ Twitterers you adore — for a Valentine’s Day exchange on everything from bacon to Nutella. We’ll cover love-laced ingredients and recipes that are best made in pairs too. So, save a slew of doily hearts for all the food-is-love-kissed tweets you’ll unwrap.

Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

What: #FNIchat (Foodies’ Night In) Twitter party
When: Monday, February 11th, 4-5:30 EST
Where: On Twitter (or through this custom tweetgrid) with hashtag #FNIchat
Topic: Foods We HEART (A #ValentinesDay #FNIchat)
Who: @cookingwcaitlin, @foodiesnitein, and YOU!!

Spread the Good Word

Pass along the party scoop with the following tweet:

Food-is-love-kissed tweets at MONDAY’s #ValentinesDay #FNIchat. Join @cookingwcaitlin @foodiesnitein @ 4pmET:

How Foodies’ Night In Works:.
Late Monday afternoons (4-6pm eastern to be exact) we meet through Twitter. Using the hashtag #FNIchat we greet each other at the virtual door, and get cozy to talk about whatever food-related topic we are featuring that day. Typically the topic will be determined by the weekly sponsor of #FNIchat. We, at Cooking with Caitlin, compile at least ten questions that serve as the framework of the conversation over the two hours of #FNIchat. Then, the hosts throw out each question at pre-determined times throughout #FNIchat. We hope that YOU will join in the fun-filled foodie conversation and share your thoughts, recipes, tips, ask questions…and most certainly make new friends! Can’t wait to *see* you there.

Red Hot Icing

Party Questions

And HERE are the questions that framed the exchange. Dig in yourself and let us know what you think:

Q1. #Food to LOVE: In what flavor/ingredient/#recipe will you indulge with your foodie #Valentine? #FNIchat
Q2. From list-making to final plating, which part of date-night planning makes your #foodie heart aflutter? #FNIchat
Q3. Mood Music: The artist/track/station that sets the mood for #cooking AS a pair – or FOR a pair? #FNIchat
Q4. Crisping, whipping, chopping — What SOUND in the #kitchen do you love the most? #FNIchat
Q5. Rapturous #WINE selection? Bottle to LOVE during a culinary rendezvous? #FNIchat
Q6. #VDay Dress Code: #Foodie fashion for date-night #cooking? Frilly aprons or comfy duds? #FNIchat
Q7. Splurge-y #recipes for #Valentines? Time-consuming, labor-intensive designs best finessed by 2? #FNIchat
Q8. Dear #CHOCOLATE, how do I love thee? (Please do) count the ways… #FNIchat
Q9. Beyond the heart-shaped box, #Valentines #DESSERTS for sharing? Creamy, fluffy, fruity sweets? #FNIchat
Q10. Love-kissed #COCKTAILS? Pinkalicious mixers? Champage spins? #FNIchat
Q11. Salad you can love (and won’t get stuck in your teeth)? #FNIchat
Q12. Heart-shaped pancakes, #Nutella toast — #VDay breakfast in bed? Morning menu for family to share? #FNIchat
Q13. The RESERVATION you LOVE – Which #restaurant has your table for 2? WHO makes the plans? #FNIchat
Q14. In the dog house? What ever do you #cook to change that status (wink, wink)? #FNIchat
Q15. In one last doily-decorated tweet, leave us with a candy-heart message. #FNIchat