Foodies Night In

Presidential Spread: #FNIchat 02.17.14

Join us for an #FNIchat as American as the Apple Tarts pictured here. We're honoring the birthdays of all our presidents with a foodie chat about all their favorite foods and snacks. More on Presidential Spread: #FNIchat 02.17.14 »

Valentines Day WORDPLAY: #FNIchat 02.10.14

Make a date to meet the foodies you love at the #FNIchat table. With chocolate, flowers, and champagne at every seat, More on Valentines Day WORDPLAY: #FNIchat 02.10.14 »

Chinese New Year: #FNIchat 02.03.14

Join us for a most delicious celebration of Chinese New Year because together with @MIEWFoodsLLC we are planning a food-focused party worthy of the Year of the Horse. More on Chinese New Year: #FNIchat 02.03.14 »

Super Bowl Party: #FNIchat 01.27.13

There is no better ballgame to celebrate than the great American Super Bowl... So let's DO this, foodies! Bust out all your best chips and dips More on Super Bowl Party: #FNIchat 01.27.13 »

OATMEAL: #FNIchat 01.13.14

From cookies to cocktails, and every bowl of breakfast in between, we're talking OATMEAL on this crisp, cold January Monday. More on OATMEAL: #FNIchat 01.13.14 »