Foodies Night In

Gift-Giving WORDPLAY: #FNIchat 12.15.14

Bring your holiday gift list to the #FNIchat table today because with all your favorite food-fans of the Twitterverse we're going to check off every foodie on it. More on Gift-Giving WORDPLAY: #FNIchat 12.15.14 »

SOUP: #FNIchat 12.08.14

Chilly night, frosty window, cold toes... There's just no better way to warm an evening, a kitchen, a foodie like you from the inside out than a hot bowl of soup. More on SOUP: #FNIchat 12.08.14 »

Bourbon + Whiskey: #FNIchat 12.01.14

You look like you need a drink... Great news! We've got Bourbon + Whiskey all lined up! More on Bourbon + Whiskey: #FNIchat 12.01.14 »

Thanksgiving DESSERTS: #FNIchat 11.24.14

For pumpkin pie and a whole lot more, come hungry to the final edition of our Thanksgiving #FNIchat series. More on Thanksgiving DESSERTS: #FNIchat 11.24.14 »

Thanksgiving TURKEY: #FNIchat 11.17.14

We've covered the sides and now it's time to talk turkey, baby. The big day is so close we can smell the gravy. More on Thanksgiving TURKEY: #FNIchat 11.17.14 »