Foodies Night In

#Wine Tasting preso by @CAwineclub: #FNIchat 04.28.14

On this fine Monday, it is our great pleasure to have partnered with The California Wine Club for an extra special Wine Tasting #FNIchat. More on #Wine Tasting preso by @CAwineclub: #FNIchat 04.28.14 »

BAR FOOD: #FNIchat 04.21.14

Grab yourself some suds and saddle up to the bar with us -- all of us, your favorite foodies in the Twitterverse. More on BAR FOOD: #FNIchat 04.21.14 »

Tex-Mex Food: #FNIchat 04.14.14

Fajitas and chilis and beans -- oh my! They're all on the table today as we take on our favorite tastes of Tex-Mex food. More on Tex-Mex Food: #FNIchat 04.14.14 »

#MeatlessMonday: #FNIchat 04.07.14

Join all your favorite foodies for a #MeatlessMonday celebration. From grilled cheese sandwiches to twirly pastas -- and every veggie chili in between More on #MeatlessMonday: #FNIchat 04.07.14 »

Grocery Shopping: #FNIchat 03.31.14

Hop into the front of our cart as we cruise the aisles of our local markets and grocery stores. More on Grocery Shopping: #FNIchat 03.31.14 »