Food Podcasts: Thanksgiving Stuffing & Mashed Potatoes

Food Podcasts: Thanksgiving Stuffing & Mashed Potatoes

Never mind the big bird – without all the side dishes, Thanksgiving is just another Thursday. And without stuffing and mashed potatoes, no one would even come to the table. The two hardy classics are delicious all year round, but when you’re talking turkey, they’re downright strategic.

stuffing topped with turkey and gravy

So, listen into the podcast below for Caitlin’s best tips on taters that will “weep” right down the spoon, and the classic stuffing recipe that perfumes her childhood memories. With Molly and Kelly she scoops garlicky adds, time-saving prep secrets, and the best way to Cincinnati-up your stuffing.

Food Podcast: Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes and Tips

**When the podcast’s wrapped, and your cravings have kicked in, link yourself right on over to the Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Goetta Stuffing recipes.**

goetta recipe

–pics by Molly, copy by Kelly, convo with the whole crew

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