Food Podcast: Thanksgiving Sides

Food Podcast: Thanksgiving Sides

There must be something colorful on your holiday plate. The golden bird, bread, potatoes, and butter in between do not a balanced Turkey Day make. Let the oranges and greens of the harvest make pretty (not necessarily healthy) your family’s spread. You can make it happen with a quick listen to the podcast linked below.

crunchy green beans recipe

From nutty, Crunchy Green Beans to cheesy layered Sweet Potato Dauphinois, to smoky Braised Kale, Molly, Kelly, and Caitlin cover their favorite outside-the-green-bean-casserole-box recipes to MAKE this year’s Thanksgiving feast.

Food Podcast: Thanksgiving Side Dishes

sweet potato dauphinois

**Link to the Thanksgiving Menu here for the recipes above and below, and even more delicious ideas on how to color-up your holiday.**

braised greens

–pics by Molly, copy by Kelly, convo with the whole crew

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