Cocoa Puff-Crusted Strawberries

Cocoa Puff-Crusted Strawberries

A surprise spin on a classic chocolate covered strawberry. These are the perfect party treat served over a shot of milk for a fun presentation. Or skip the milk and enjoy them all on their own!

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

  • Yield: 2 Dozen Strawberries
  • Prep Time: 15-20 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 10-15 Minutes

cocoa puff crushed strawberries ingredients

  • 2 Cartons Fresh Strawberries
  • 8 Ounces Semi Sweet Chocolate
  • 1 Box Cocoa Puffs

cocoa puff crushed strawberries recipe

  1. Wash your strawberries and pat dry.
  2. To a small heat-resistant bowl, add your chocolate. Place the small bowl over a small pot of simmering water. Stir until all the chocolate is melted.
  3. Empty half of the bag of Cocoa Puffs into a large Ziploc bag. Using a rolling pin or a mallet, smash the cereal until it is in large broken pieces.
  4. Finally, dip your strawberries into the chocolate. While the chocolate is still wet, dredge in the Cocoa Puffs. Place the strawberries on a cookie sheet and in the refrigerator for the chocolate to harden.
  5. When you are ready to serve, pour a shot full of milk and place the strawberry on top.

tips and tricks

  • Cocoa Puffs are a personal favorite and a staple on every grocery lists. You can use whatever cereal you have on hand and enjoy the most.
  • We served this on a shot full of milk for fun presentation and because the best part of Cocoa Puffs is the chocolately milk it creates.

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