Bronson Arroyo Joins the Cooking with Caitlin Crew

Bronson Arroyo Joins the Cooking with Caitlin Crew

This week’s Time Warner Cable episode was easily one of my favorites to create: The Total Tailgater.  How did we fill 12 minutes of worthwhile TV?  By making simple, but gourmet condiments, inviting our favorite Red’s player in the kitchen, and taking a road trip, of course.  Be sure to tune in – Channel 411 (Arts & Entertainment) – at any time of day.  We’re on demand, baby!

Time Warner Cable and Cooking with Caitlin Schedule

Behind the Scenes (what you didn’t see/may not notice):

  • We were given a brand new Buick Enclave to take the road trip to Columbus.  It was beautiful, spacious and perfect to transport 4 grown adults and whole slew of tailgating/Buckeye scarlet and grey items. The car was packed, we had our Buckeye gear on and as we closed the truck we realized our license plate was from Michigan. Wa waa waaa….. As an Ohioan, we know to never even mention Michigan on sacred Buckeye territory, but the show must go on (as they say).

  • It took about 10 takes to get the opener.  Watch it and you will be alarmed knowing this.  After we were all trapped in a metal box (our Buick) for two hours, we had  a bad case of the giggles.
  • Before Bronson arrived we had some other surprise visitors: our parents. My Mom arrived giddy and completely decked out in her favorite Red’s gear.  For the first time in his life my Dad was at a loss for words. My parents tell stories of the Big Red Machine and I swear bought their house downtown so they could watch the Red’s celebratory fireworks. This was an even bigger day for them!

  • Bronson Arroyo joined us in the kitchen.  He had a game that day and afterward he drove to our kitchen. Bronson arrived and was so kind and open – and of course had no idea what he had signed up for.  I cannot stress enough how great he was. Before the camera started shooting I was asking Bronson about food that reminds him of home (he grew up in Key West, Florida). He said he actually grew up eating a lot of vegetarian food. This, of course was great, but we were about to assemble one of the meatiest of meals.  In fact, we call it a He-Man Burger: a beef burger with shredded cheddar and jalapenos, topped with bacon, homemade onion rings, and homemade steak sauce. He was a great sport not only helping me make them, but also in eating in the end.
  • Bronson is to tall as I am to short:

  • He graciously taught Kelly and Molly the secrets to his pitching technique.
  • We were serenaded.

All worth tuning in to Channel 411 to see with your very own eyes!

Written by: Caitlin Steininger

Edited by: Molly Sandquist Ross

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