BRENNER (Breakfast for Dinner): #FNIchat 01.21.13

BRENNER (Breakfast for Dinner): #FNIchat 01.21.13

Pull out your favorite p.j.’s and make plans to meet your fellow foodies at Monday’s #FNIchat Twitter table. We’re serving BRENNER — breakfast for dinner — for the MLK holiday afternoon and it’s sure to make for one of the comfiest chats yet. Come hungry and plan to hashtag BACON more times than you hit snooze on a Monday morning. We’ll cover pancakes and french toast and sausage too, in the oh-so fun wordplay format. And there might even be a Bloody Mary in the mix. So, join us for the sweet and savory exchange.

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stuffed french toast recipe

What: #FNIchat (Foodies’ Night In) Twitter party
When: Monday, January 21st, 4-5 EST
Where: On Twitter (or through this custom tweetgrid) with hashtag #FNIchat
Topic: BRENNER (Breakfast for Dinner) MLK Holiday Wordplay
Who: @cookingwcaitlin, @foodiesnitein, and YOU!!

Spread the Good Word

Pass along the party scoop with the following tweet:

#Breakfast for #Dinner at Monday’s #FNIchat. Join @cookingwcaitlin @foodiesnitein @4ET for pancakes, #bacon, eggs…

How Foodies’ Night In Works:.
Late Monday afternoons (4-6pm eastern to be exact) we meet through Twitter. Using the hashtag #FNIchat we greet each other at the virtual door, and get cozy to talk about whatever food-related topic we are featuring that day. Typically the topic will be determined by the weekly sponsor of #FNIchat. We, at Cooking with Caitlin, compile at least ten questions that serve as the framework of the conversation over the two hours of #FNIchat. Then, the hosts throw out each question at pre-determined times throughout #FNIchat. We hope that YOU will join in the fun-filled foodie conversation and share your thoughts, recipes, tips, ask questions…and most certainly make new friends! Can’t wait to *see* you there.

Bacon Marmalade

Party Questions

And HERE are the questions that framed the exchange. Dig in yourself and let us know what you think:

Q3. HASH. #FNIchat
Q4. LINK. #FNIchat
Q6. #BACON. #FNIchat
Q7. SAUCE. #FNIchat
Q9. SPIKED. #FNIchat
Q10. HONEY. #FNIchat
Q12. KETCHUP. #FNIchat
Q13. WAFFLE. #FNIchat
Q14. JELLIED. #FNIchat
Q17. SYRUP. #FNIchat
Q18. LOX. #FNIchat
Q19. STUFFED. #FNIchat