Best Tips for Holiday Shipping (from Caitlin AND @TheUPSStore)

Best Tips for Holiday Shipping (from Caitlin AND @TheUPSStore)

It’s never been until a week or two before Christmas that the holiday season really hits me. As a kid it started to occur to me that break was near when the teachers began to fill every class time with a movie. As long as I can remember, though, the season is not officially underway until UPS drops a giant box at our family’s doorstep. It comes from our Colorado family and it is always full of the first gifts that go underneath our tree.

We always packed a box for them too — carefully selected gifts for each person, and always a tin of homemade M&M cookies. As a kid, I just trusted that all the goodies inside the box made it safely, and I took for granted that the ones we received would be a-ok. As a grown-up, however, I appreciate the attention to detail that ensures safe packaging.

Just days after we’ve wrapped our Holiday Gifts of Food @TheUPSStore #FNIchat, and less than two weeks before Christmas, I find it most appropriate to share with you my best tips for packing a box of gifts for shipping. (And I am delighted to report that tips and tricks we’ve used all along have been given the thumbs-up by @TheUPSStore.) Here’s what I’ve got for sending edibles (and other cheery presents) across the country:

  1. Bake something soft and durable. The best thing you can do is make something that can withstand temperatures, bumpy rides, something that will still be intact when your (Colorado) family opens it up. Homemade Marshmallows are one of my latest obsessions. Play with the flavors, create beautiful packaging, and include a list of fun ways to use the marshmallows. They’ll be a hit just because they’re homemade!
  2. Homemade Raspberry Marshmallows

  3. Buy a 1-ounce ice cream scoop + store in a Pringles container. Repurpose the sturdiest containers you already have in the cabinet to send your cookies. Buy a 1-ounce ice cream scoop to ensure your sweets bake uniformly. Then, stack the cookies in the tube and close with the lid to make it easy to send. Cover the container with craft paper and let your little ones decorate for a more personal touch. (Coffee tins are also great for this.)
  4. Store with a piece of bread to maintain chewiness and freshness. There is nothing worse then biting into a cookie you have been craving since last Christmas and learning that it’s stale. (Wa-waaa.) By adding a slice or two of white bread to your cookie packaging, they’ll stay fresher, chewier, longer.
  5. Ask a professional. Take full advantage of the wisdom of The UPS Store. The UPS folks know if you should ship next-day or 2-day. They can guide you through the best packaging for crumble-free cookies. And they’ll even educate you on the best tape to employ so your package doesn’t need to be wrapped over and over again. Let the people at The UPS Store take care of you!

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–written by Caitlin

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