Back-to-School Waffle Recipes Video

Back-to-School Waffle Recipes Video

As the summer dwindles down to just a couple days, and school is clearly in our sights, the time is right to release this super delicious video. Filmed in partnership with the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA), it’s a trio of clever meal designs on the frozen waffle sitting in your freezer right now. Certainly each of them would be tasty any darn day, but as we stare down the crazy days surrounding back-to-school season, they are particularly tempting.

Waffle Recipes Video

Press play for the good bites just waiting to be pulled from a box of Eggos:

Now that you’ve seen the finished product, here are some fun behind-the-scene pics from our day of filming:
Behind the Scenes Video Shoot
(We are nothing less than TICKLED every time the camera swings back and forth — how very fancy! :) )
Caitlin's Back To School Recipes

#FNIchat Twitter Wisdom

No doubt you’re hungry for even more quick and clever uses of everyday fridge-fillers, right? And the great news is that just Monday — just in time for back-to-school — we gathered with a ton of foodies, all focused on the glory of the dairy and frozen food aisles. It was #FNIchat, of course, and it was sponsored by NFRA too, presented by their Twitter handle @EasyHomeMeals.

Zip your chill-seeking self over to the tweet stream now and dig into the hashtags #FNIchat and #RealCoolFoods where you will find nearly 600 lines of conversation chock full of tips, tricks, and recipes using interesting ingredients from the coolest departments at the grocery.

More Frozen Food Recipes

NFRA Ending Image

And then, melt into the rest of these brilliant #RealFoodFrozen recipes also commissioned by the NFRA:

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