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Top 10 Fall Favorites

As a cook, the change in temperatures means a whole new set of ingredients to play with. My roasting pans and braising pots come out of the back of the pantry and I so look forward to the delicious, earthy herbs and spices. More on Top 10 Fall Favorites »

Seafood in the City: 5 Tips to Make it Happen

There are rules and myths some people choose to follow, but here are some of my tips and ticks when it comes to properly buying and cooking seafood. More on Seafood in the City: 5 Tips to Make it Happen »

Kitchen Music

As I was jamming to Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder on the piano, matching my burger formation and plating patterns to the rhythm of the music, I realized just how much music plays a roll in a kitchen – especially my kitchen. From the second I turn the light on in the kitchen to the minute the last dessert is served, I have a master play list that gets me through the meal. More on Kitchen Music »

Personal Journey Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

While this reads more like and online journal than a food blog, what remains constant is the honesty and the commitment towards accomplishing new goals. I (Molly – the person who actually posted this blog) feel inspired and just after I publish this am going to go for a run. Seriously. More on Personal Journey Towards a Healthier Lifestyle »

Planning a Dinner Party

There are tons of factors to consider when throwing your own bash: who to invite, what to wear, how long will it take to clean your house, and most importantly the menu. Luckily I'm the food department of Cooking with Caitlin and this is something I'm always thinking about. Here are a few party menu planning tips to take into consideration the next time you find yourself creating a menu. More on Planning a Dinner Party »