Third Thursday Recap

Pumpkin Pie Podcast: Inside Scoop from Frisch’s Top Chef

Smack dab in the middle of pumpkin-pie marathon-mode, Caitlin had the great honor of tracking down Frisch's Restaurants' Director of R&D, Greg Grisanti. More on Pumpkin Pie Podcast: Inside Scoop from Frisch’s Top Chef »

Food Photos Menu

The below food photos were taken just last night during our signature event, Third Thursday. Caitlin powered out 9 courses of delicious food, inspired by the season (and what she's craving). More on Food Photos Menu »

Gluten-Free Menu

Make your taste buds dance with this inspired menu crafted by Caitlin. With a nod to the newest addition More on Gluten-Free Menu »

A Menu Made for Summer

Below find a menu that will make your taste buds dance. Filled with fresh summer fare, this month's Third Thursday menu was one amazing course after another. Take a peek a the menu in photos: More on A Menu Made for Summer »

Menu from the Grill

With only a grill from which to work, here you will find an unbelievably delicious menu crafted by Caitlin herself. June 2012 Third Thursday just may go down in the record books... More on Menu from the Grill »