New Recipe

Captain American Cheese Arancini

These salty, smoky, crispy, creamy little suckers just may be the best thing to come out of a comic book. Certainly, the tastiest. I designed this as an appetizer for a superhero-themed Third Thursday bringing attention to The Cure Starts Now's "Be a Hero" campaign.  They are my (Captain) American take on Italian arancini.  Serve them at your next Marvel-ous gathering.  More on Captain American Cheese Arancini »

Passing Down Family Recipes

In the middle of this Lenten season, and as many of us prepare for Passover, our minds turn to the family foods and traditions that have stamped our Springs since childhood.  We invited our friend from Kitchen Monki, co-founder Emily Sobie, to share her special food memories -- and the time-saving soulutions that bring them to life -- with us.  (Lucky us, she happened to share a recipe too!) More on Passing Down Family Recipes »