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about cooking with caitlin

  • There are three founding partners: Caitlin MacEachen Steininger, Kelly MacEachen Trush and Molly Sandquist Ross. Caitlin, who was trained at the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, a campus of Le Cordon Bleu, is responsible for all things food. Kelly and Molly take charge of what happens outside the kitchen.
  • Cooking with Caitlin started as a catering business and quickly made the switch to the online world. ¬†Through the website, radio show, TV series and social media, attracts people with a fresh take on food, family, and community.
  • Cooking with Caitlin is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Kelly, Molly, and Caitlin are very thankful for the support of their hometown and growing online community.

After unearthing alarming statistics about the small number of families gathering around a dinner table each night, and more statistics on the quickly-diminishing number of minutes the average person allows for food preparation each day, we were flabbergasted. Inspired by the jarring facts, coupled with the recognition of our own hectic lives and personal reliance on the internet, we hatched Cooking with Caitlin.

From the beginning, our goal has been to deliver simple and delicious solutions to all types of cooks in a fun and easily accessible way. Cooking with Caitlin strives to accomplish this goal by taking full advantage of the internet, while incorporating new media and savvy marketing, and punctuating it all with exciting brand positioning. On a daily basis, this means publishing creative recipes, posting short video demonstrations, and being a part of great events.

Along the way, we have been thrilled to watch the efforts to spread our message build confidence in the kitchen, bring family and friends back to the table, as well as showcase Cincinnati – our hometown of which we are most proud – in the bright light it deserves to shine.

how we work

We – Cincinnatians, that is – seek to establish connections (most often through our high school) with those around us and create support systems for them as well. (What a great place to start a business, right? Yeah, we know.)

In the same way, we – Cooking with Caitlin, that is – are looking to connect the rest of the world on the worldwide web with food as our vehicle. We are internet entrepreneurs who get to talk, eat, play with food all day. Through short, engaging videos, recipes with few and usual ingredients, new events, and a fresh, no-two-occasions-are-alike approach, we invite our audience back to the kitchen for some simple instruction and innovative ideas on that which connects us all – food.

who we are looking to reach

In general, Cooking with Caitlin is aimed toward anyone looking to build or boost confidence in the kitchen. Some audiences in particular:

  • first-time cooks
  • young, growing families with little time
  • seasoned chefs seeking new ideas
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