55krc & What’s Hot Radio: Vicki Matranga

55krc & What’s Hot Radio: Vicki Matranga

The Cooking with Caitlin crew talk with housewares expert, Vicki Matranga, from the International Housewares Association about current housewares trends in today’s US market. The show covers sustainability and green products that help with at-home initiatives like composting, home growing and preserving – new fashion sustainability such as canning and jam making; companies (like GE) who have made the decision to invest in and manufacture products in the US; and the products that are now on the market and in high demand for those who are time stressed and financially pressed.

Listen to the What’s Hot Radio Show with Vicki Matranga here. And, be sure to tune in (on the radio or on your computer) every Sunday on 55krc.com from 3-4PM EST.

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