55krc & What’s Hot Radio: Tricia Callahan of OnceAMonthMom.com

55krc & What’s Hot Radio: Tricia Callahan of OnceAMonthMom.com

The thought of being a “Once a Month Mom” sounds amazing. Once a month of doing bed time? Once a month of doing homework? Once a month of baths? I can allow myself to get carried away with the fantasy, but in this case we’re talking once-a-month cooking. This means that just one time a month, you are preparing all of the homemade meals your family will eat for the next 30 days — including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Recently on the radio, Molly, Kelly, and I were lucky enough to host THE once-a-month mom, creator of OnceAMonthMom.com, who gave us all the details on this fabulous lifestyle, and how to get it going. On her site, Tricia Callahan does all the hard work for the rest of us — everything from the coupons and recipes, to the diet-specific menus and weekly schedules. She removes every good excuse to not be freezer-cooking, including lack of equipment.

Listen in to catch the Cooking with Caitlin Crew taking notes from Tricia Callahan herself with the podcast linked here. And tune in every Sunday from 3-4 EST on 55KRC.com.

lasagna layers

–written by Caitlin
–photos by Molly
–posted by Kelly

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